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2045 Ocala Marion Long Range Transportation Plan
The Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) serves as the vision and planning framework for   the multimodal transportation system of Marion County. The LRTP is a federally required planning document that all metropolitan areas, including Ocala/Marion County, must prepare and update at least once every five years. The LRTP must plan for a minimum of 20 years into the future and must be cost constrained. This means that the costs of planned transportation projects must be balanced against a forecast of available funds to pay for them. The LRTP must also consider projected growth over the 20-year period and estimate the impacts of such growth on the transportation infrastructure.
So, if we expect our population to grow by 30% between now and 2045, the LRTP needs to account for that growth with projects like additional roadway lanes, transit services, and bicycle lanes and sidewalks/trails that will be needed to support a growing community. In addition to mobility for future residents, visitors and businesses in Marion County, the plan must consider safety, security, connectivity, cost efficiency, and other performance categories as stipulated by federal law.
LRTP Steering Committee
The success of the LRTP update is dependent upon the contributions and coordination of our planning partners in the region. A Steering Committee made up of representatives from key partner agencies has been established to guide this planning process. This committee is tasked with establishing the plan’s main goals, identifying needed investments, prioritizing those investments, and providing recommendations that arise from this process in the form of a cost-feasible plan to the TPO Board for adoption. The Steering Committee’s membership is made up of the following individuals:

Robert Balmes

Ocala Marion TPO

Derrick Harris

Ocala Marion TPO

Elton Holland

Marion County

Ken Odom

Marion County

Chris Rison

Marion County

Steven Neal

City of Ocala


Nancy Smith

City of Ocala

Noel Cooper

City of Ocala

Lonnie Smith

City of Dunnellon

Bruce Phillips

City of Belleview

Loretta Shaffer

Marion County

Vickie Wyche


Carl Bauer

U.S. Forest Service

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