Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?

A Long Range Transportation Plan is a federally required plan for all metropolitan areas with more than 50,000 residents. The LRTP includes analysis of transportation infrastructure improvement needs at least 20 years in the future. It also includes financial analysis to estimate what improvements can be afforded between now and then.

How often is the LRTP updated?

By federal law (FAST Act), the LRTP must be updated at least once every 5 years.

Does the LRTP include walk, bike, and transit infrastructure investments?

Yes, the LRTP can include any transportation improvements, but only has to include those improvements that are assumed to be funded, wholly or partially, with federal funds. There are several different types of federal funds, some of which have very strict eligibility requirements, and others more flexible in terms of what types of improvements they are allocated to.

What is the point of planning for 20 years in the future?

It is important to plan for the future to avoid growth and demand for transportation infrastructure outpacing investment in the infrastructure needed to serve it. Especially in such a fast growing state like Florida, where population has increased by more than 300,000 every year since 2010, according to the U.S. Census, it is critical that we plan for that growth.

How can people get involved in the LRTP update?

There are several ways you can get involved, including attending public meetings, providing comments here on our website, or using our Metroquest site to share your ideas. You can also attend TPO Governing Board meetings and voice your opinions there.

Who decides what projects are included in the LRTP?

We have a Steering Committee, which is made up of representatives of Marion County, Ocala, Belleview, Dunnellon, FDOT, and other public agencies. They make recommendations to the Technical and Citizen Advisory Committees, which in turn make recommendations to the TPO Governing Board. The Board then makes the final decision on what is included in the LRTP.

When will the 2045 LRTP be complete?

The 2045 LRTP must, by federal law, be adopted by the TPO Governing Board no later than November 24, 2020, which is exactly 5 years from the adoption of the 2040 LRTP.

What happens to comments or questions on this project?

The TPO thanks everyone for their individual comments and for participating in the process. Every comment is documented and is part of our public record. All records will be included as an appendix in our final plan document. In addition, we will ensure the TPO Board, as well as our advisory committees, has all of the comments and information provided by the public, at the time of their decision regarding the plan and any associated projects.

These are frequently asked questions regarding the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP):

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