Public Outreach

Do you have feedback on the Draft LRTP Adoption Document? Please provide feedback for us!

The transportation plan for Marion County will include a range of strategies and investments to make the County safer, more connected, economically viable, and accessible for its stakeholders, including all residents, businesses, and visitors. A plan is only as good as the input used to develop it, including the vital opinions, needs, and desires of the County’s population. There are a variety of opportunities to get involved in the plan update process, ranging from attending public workshops, visiting our Metroquest site, or visiting our Facebook page.

How are we Doing?
Performance-based planning refers to the use of data to measure how well we are achieving our goals to reduce congestion, reduce auto crashes, improve the reliability of the transportation system, etc. Our performance as planners also can be measured in terms of how well we are communicating with the public. This includes whether we are providing fair and equitable opportunities to everyone to get involved, how accessible our public workshops are to the transportation disadvantaged, and other considerations. So, we hope that you will provide input on what we are doing well, what we can do better, and how well we are doing our job.
“People who live in walkable neighborhoods are 2 times as likely to get enough physical activity as those who don't”. 
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